Engage Your Audience through Innovative Modules

When it comes to developing different types of interactive solutions based on newer technologies- eM Play comes up as one of the forerunners.
eM Play was the first Indian Company that introduced SMS & Palm Tops to engage audience with unique Interactive solutions. This happened when GPRS got first introduced with mobile sector. However, while preparing ourselves to 5G platform, we are coming up with a number of solutions you could experience from your smart-devices.
During the IPL 12 season, we created innovative quizzing contest using the mobile interface solution, where people across the country participated online with unique scoring system. The USP of this game show lies in its pattern of giving answers. You can rest assured your team will not find a moment of boredom or rest while the event is on.
Where would you ideally use mobile interface solution this year?
1For IPL season 12, we have specially designed Game on IPL, where questions are exclusively set on premier league and c…

How to Leverage ARS to Enlighten Men in Your Team about Women Empowerment

You keep receiving these messages on how to empower men and understand them. However, most of these messages are lost, remaining stored in the mobile. So as 8th March was women’s day, empower your men in your firm to provide women the respect and equality they deserve. Using Audience Response System (ARS), customized and topical quizzing shows could be arranged engaging teams of men in the contest. The technology is extremely simple and the show can take your participants to a new level of engagement.
The whole point is to create an atmosphere where your team is empowered with the thought of how to revere women and to give them the position they deserve. You can be highly creative in doing it, as the audience response system can be used to create customised content.
How can you do it?
It’s rather simple. Pick some famous women from yesteryears or present days and create questions around them, like – Identify this woman and her feats? You could also give them multiple choice questions …

Get Clear Communication In Noisy Surroundings With Tour Guide Solution

Hear Well in Noisy Surroundings with Tour Guide Solution

Scene 1: You are in this auditorium where an amazing orator is delivering speech in breakout segment, and you can’t hear a thing. The acoustics of the auditorium is not very good and you are missing out on some excellent lecture.
Scene 2: Your team is visiting a factory to receive a practical demo of the machines in the factory. You can’t hear anything because of the machines running with huge noise all along. How annoying does it feel? Situations like these, where you are not able to hear a single thing can be really frustrating. A seminar lecture or a factory visit where important message being delivered is not fully received can be a daunting experience from the listener’s perspective. Thankfully advanced technology and tech geeks have found solutions to minimize the noise hurdles. Assistive listening or Tour Guide Solutions can be used in these situations to bring down the external noise level to absolute zero. These gadgets …

Team Events - Get Your Workplace Rolling with Fun

When you appreciate a person, s(he) will always perform better than expected.
Appreciation has this curious quality of getting people into action and provides results that matter. You apply this simple strategy within a corporate setup and you will find your company’s success rates going up. So, what do you do to get your company’s success tracks growing? In most cases, it is appraisals, incentives, and performance bonuses.
Now, there is another way of getting your team members to perform better persistently. Using interactive QnA sessions with the interactive module, companies can get their team totally energized and involved. However, there are only a few big corporate brands that seem eager in spending on employee engagement.

So, the million dollar question that may loom in your mind is -

Why should you organize an event where it costs money and your work time?
Well, there are many reasons, but here are few of them below: By organizing team events like an interactive game show, you c…

Do You Wish To Keep Your Audience Engaged?

"Do you still rely on pen and paper methods to interact with your audience during your conference?"
Are you still going with the trend of ‘those in favour, raise your hands’?

The entire world of voting has changed with the advent of technology called the Audience Response System or ARS. You no longer need to work on pen and paper, instead can use the keypads. These keypads are wireless devices that work on radio frequency. The keypad works directly by connecting with the receiver to the laptop with customised software.
This technology has come to use for both presenter and the audience. Participants can benefit in active presentation and can simultaneously track every audience’s response with real-time results.
Question and Answer sessions live:
Let’s say in a conference with many corporates, ARS could help a presenter to collect answers from the participants. Live surveys can be creatively created inside the conference to inculcate discussion and showcase what is the common op…